After „Swimming home“ and „Hot Milk“, both superb, convincing, slighty strange and beguiling, Deborah Levys new book offers an even more twisted and bewildering charakter in Saul Adler. It is not easy to retell the plot in only a few sentences. As a young historian, he is spending some (amorous) weeks in the still totalitarien, Stasi infestet GDR of 1988, shortly after being dumped by his girlfriend, aspiring Photographer Jennifer Moreau. Almost 3o years later, lying in Hospital after being hit by a car trying to cross the famous Abbey Road, remembrance comes back in bits and pieces, and the tragic life, and the lifes of those he met, slowly unfolds, past and present wittingly and confusingly mixed, seemingly endowing Saul with the gift of foresight. Although, as is becoming ever more clearer that he drifts in and out of consciousness, one is baffled as to what is fiction and what imagination. Often left slighty puzzled by the weirdness of the going-ons and the strangeness of the conversations, the ambitious reader can´t but find joy in the pages of this highly accomplished writer.